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Everything's cleaned with a single click!! This is by far the easiest and most convenient service I came across... Why pay a technician to do this when I can do this in 2,3 clicks myself?! Thanks!
Mary K. WylerPasadena, USA
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14 out of 223 comments
3 clicks process from installation to a cleaned PC! I was just about to give up and buy a new computer when I came across your service. I purchased 2 of your apps, and thats really all I needed...Thanks!
Jean Luc Baptiste Paris, France
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26 out of 45 comments

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Super charged privacy & identity security suite!

ITUNE - Privacy Locker will wipe out your online activity's digital footprint, including your browsing history, file usage and chat records. ITUNE - Privacy Locker cleans either all or specific information upon choice, and also enables false/dummy information embedding within the history files. ITUNE - Privacy Locker is used to both defend one’s information from phishing AND to cover his/her tracks when needed. ITUNE - Privacy Locker deletes login credentials and alerts in real time when those are being logged by the browsers. ITUNE - Privacy Locker cleans instant messages/chat history, keeping your PC clean of any previous chat records. ITUNE - Privacy Locker allows a fully automated mode in which the software automatically protects privacy on a set schedule the user can create. Users of ITUNE - Privacy Locker can select specific categories to be scanned and cleaned or simply allow full-automation.

Clean Your Computer Files History

With ITUNE - Privacy Locker you can now clean not only your browsing history but also your offline computer activity! Your recently used files and applications, viewed videos and listened music – All those records are gone in a click!.

Clean Online/Internet Browsing History

ITUNE - Privacy Locker can handle all main browsers – Internet Explorer, FireFox, Opera, Chrome and Safari. You are one click away from wiping out any tracks, records and indication of your previous activity. No one will be able to tell where you have browsed, what you have watched, said and done online!.

Advanced Privacy Protection

ITUNE - Privacy Locker keeps your browsers clean from all recorded tracks. Your user names, passwords and filled forms that where previously remembered by the browsers and thus accessible to the rookiest hacker or most common tracking technology (used by all advertisers and advertising networks these days) – are now gone off the grid. Your privacy is protected!

Personalized Anonymity Preferences

ITUNE - Privacy Locker allows you to choose what and when to clean. Some users have an actual need for files and records to be kept online. ITUNE - Privacy Locker's settings allow exclusion of specific applications and information from the general cleaning procedure.

All Main Browsers Supported

ITUNE - Privacy Locker supports the 5 browsers that are most in use today: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari – thus insuring you a complete scan and clean of your potentially exposed files and information. Most browsers tend to let advertising/tracking cookies collect day to day information. At best, you will see targeted ads. At worst, that data is used against you via all sorts of malware and other malicious applications… ITUNE - Privacy Locker deletes all tracking data and ensures your privacy to the maximum!

IM & Chat Records Compatible!

ITUNE - Privacy Locker's portfolio also includes a deep clean of your chat and instant messaging history. Your online calls, messages and chat records will be completely cleaned (unless you choose otherwise) and no footprints of your activity will remain.

Scheduled Cleaning

ITUNE - Privacy Locker's scheduled tasks now allow you to “set and forget”… Do not worry about remembering to clean your history and files. ITUNE - Privacy Locker does that for you! Set your scheduling preferences and let ITUNE - Privacy Locker run automatically for you!

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What Is ITUNE - Privacy Locker?
ITUNE - Privacy Locker is a privacy protection application that is meant to provide the user with maximum privacy protection set of tools – all combined in a way that will allow the non-technical users to maintain a worries-free computer.
Why Do I Need a Privacy Protection Software?
99% of the home users that maintain online activity, be it social (Facebook, Myspace etc) or professional (Skype chats, Messenger messages) leave traces of that activity. This traces, professionally called Digital Footprints are the bread and butter for all privacy hackers and identity thieves, as well as some other malicious parties. For that reason, and many more, you want your private information kept private. Only you should know where you have surfed online, what your user name and password is, and what went on in the chat session you have just had.
What Does ITUNE - Privacy Locker Do?
ITUNE - Privacy Locker provides both a deep scan and analysis service, as well as a cleaning and protection service. The scan feature will provide you with a detailed analysis of your privacy exposure status, and the cleaning function will clean all chosen digital footprints from your PC.
How Does ITUNE - Privacy Locker Work?
ITUNE - Privacy Locker will go through all exposed files on your PC and report back to you. Once reported, these files and records can be deleted from the system, or even altered in case you want to replace records with some misleading or false information.
Is ITUNE - Privacy Locker Free?
ITUNE - Privacy Locker features a free scan, analyze and report process, and a paid full version that provides the deep clean and full protection service.
How Hard Is It To Install ITUNE - Privacy Locker?
It isn’t… All you have to do is download the application and initiate the installation process.
Where Do I Download ITUNE - Privacy Locker?
You may download the application either by clicking on the button on the right of this page, or from one of our trusted partners.
How do I uninstall (remove) ITUNE - Privacy Locker from my computer?
In the unlikely event you wish to remove our application, you can easily uninstall just as you would any other software on your computer:
  1. Click Start in the lower left corner of your screen
  2. From the Programs menu, select ITUNE - Privacy Locker.
  3. Select Uninstall.
  4. Follow the on-screen prompts until finished.
My ITUNE - Privacy Locker Installation Does Not Delete Any Entries. Why Is That?
It is most likely that you are using the free scan, analyze and report version. In order to clean your digital footprints and maintain a safe status you need to upgrade your version to the latest premium version here.
How Do I Upgrade My ITUNE - Privacy Locker To The Premium Version?
Upgrading the free version is quick and hustle free. Please click here in order to purchase the premium version. It is fairly priced and has license lifetime warranty.
How Many Computers Does ITUNE - Privacy Locker Protect?
ITUNE - Privacy Locker protects one PC at a time. For more than one key or bulk discounts you can contact us directly and we will be more than happy to assist.
What Happens If I Accidentally Click Delete Yet I Do Not Want Some Of The Data Deleted?
ITUNE - Privacy Locker will prompt you for deletion confirmation prior to the actual delete. However, you should be aware that once confirmed, those deleted files cannot be restored.