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Everything's cleaned with a single click!! This is by far the easiest and most convenient service I came across... Why pay a technician to do this when I can do this in 2,3 clicks myself?! Thanks!
Mary K. WylerPasadena, USA
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14 out of 223 comments
3 clicks process from installation to a cleaned PC! I was just about to give up and buy a new computer when I came across your service. I purchased 2 of your apps, and thats really all I needed...Thanks!
Jean Luc Baptiste Paris, France
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26 out of 45 comments

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Keep passwords safe and secure!

ITUNE - Password Vault is designed to be a user friendly way to securely store all of your passwords in a centralized location. Simply remember the master password and all stored information is just seconds away from being accessed. ITUNE - Password Vault organizes passwords by email, bank, gaming, etc. It is easily configurable and customizable allowing users to add information as well create custom categories to organize data. Downloading and installingiTune - Password Vault takes only a few minutes. ITUNE - Password Vault setup is simple and only requires the creation of a master password and email address (in case the master password is forgotten). The software is a time saving solution that stores all passwords in one place. No more wasted remembering where you wrote down your passwords. WithiTune - Password Vault you’ll never lose a password again!

Centralized password storage

ITUNE - Password Vault stores all passwords in one easy to use program. All passwords are conveniently located in one place so the user knows where they are at all times. No need to reset passwords ever again because they are forgotten or misplaced.

Easy login process

You only need to remember your master password in order to access all of your stored passwords. The master password can be reset at any time once you are logged in. If you forget your master password, it can be emailed to you upon request.

Easy install

ITUNE - Password Vault is easy to install and only takes mere minutes. There is no long complicated process because ITUNE - Password Vault ’s settings ensure a smooth, trouble-free installation process. Save time by installingiTune - Password Vault now so you don’t waste time searching for passwords later.

Create strong passwords

Use the password strength analyzer when entering a password to avoid using weak passwords. A strong password consists of a combination of uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, and other characters.


ITUNE - Password Vault remembers user’s passwords allowing them to create varying and stronger passwords that do not require memorization. Using the same passwords for every online account makes it easier for thieves to gain access to a user’s personal information.

Secure password storage

ITUNE - Password Vault stores passwords without any external data transfers to eliminate privacy risks. All of your passwords are stored on your computer helping to eliminate the risk of outside threats.

Lock workspace

With ITUNE - Password Vault you do not need to close the program every time you want your passwords to remain secure. There is a lock workspace button, (it looks like a padlock), on the home screen that gives you the option to lockiTune - Password Vault while the program is still running. This option comes in handy when you have to leave your computer for any reason, or if someone else has access to your computer. To unlock, simply enter your master password.

Saves time

ITUNE - Password Vault saves time by keeping your passwords in one location on your computer. No need to look for those pieces of paper where you wrote down all of your passwords anymore, all passwords are contained within ITUNE - Password Vault .

Search option

If you forget which label you placed your password under, use the search option to locate your file withiniTune - Password Vault . This option saves time and makes using ITUNE - Password Vault simple and easy.

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What Is ITUNE - Password Vault?
ITUNE - Password Vault is a convenient password management solution that provides top of the line privacy and security from unwanted threats.
Why Do I Need a password manager?
Password managers save you from struggling to remember your passwords. In attempt to remember passwords, most users create weak and easy to remember passwords. Because password managers remember passwords for you, a user can have a unique password for every account; thus increasing account security.
How Does ITUNE - Password Vault Work?
Once you have logged into ITUNE - Password Vault after keying in your Master Password you are brought to the home screen. On the left side of the home screen there is a column entitled “my database”, this is where all of your passwords will be stored. Click on a category such as email or credit cards and it will become highlighted. Once the chosen category is highlighted, click the plus button located near the top left corner of the window to insert a new entry. A new screen will pop up prompting you to insert all information regarding the passwords and usernames you want to save for a specific account. Once you have filled in the required information click OK and your new entry has been added and saved to ITUNE - Password Vault.
Is ITUNE - Password Vault Free?
ITUNE - Password Vault features a free, unlimited use period of 15 days. After this the user will be prompted to upgrade to continue using.
How do I Install ITUNE - Password Vault?
To install ITUNE - Password Vault please follow these steps: 1.Download ITUNE - Password Vault on the downloaded file. 3.confirm the terms and conditions. 4.let the installation process finish (this might take a couple of minutes).
Where Do I Download ITUNE - Password Vault?
You may download the application either by clicking on the button on the right of this page, or from one of our trusted partners.
How do I uninstall (remove) ITUNE - Password Vault from my computer?
In the unlikely event you wish to remove our application, you can easily uninstall just as you would any other software on your computer: Automatically: 1.Click Start in the lower left corner of your screen 2.From the Programs menu, select ITUNE - Password Vault. 3.Select Uninstall. 4.Follow the on-screen prompts until finished. Manually: 1.Click Start at the lower left corner of your screen 2.Click in the “Control Panel” menu button 3.Choose Programs/Uninstall a Software 4.Mark the ITUNE - Password Vault under the applications list 5.Choose Uninstall
What if I misplaced my ITUNE - Password Vault database?
If you have lost your ITUNE - Password Vault Database, type the name of your database in the search all programs and files option on your computer.
How Do I Upgrade My ITUNE - Password Vault To The Premium Version?
Upgrading the free version is quick and hustle free. Please click here in order to purchase the premium version. It is fairly priced and has license lifetime warranty.
How Do I Change My Master Password?
To change your master password click the “file” tab in ITUNE - Password Vault. This will cause a drop down screen to appear. Select the option “change master key” and you will be prompted to enter in your new password.
How Do I Add A New Category To My Database?
To add a new category to your database first click “my database” in ITUNE - Password Vault. Then click the “edit” tab located at the top of the window. Next, click “add category” to create a new category.Next, enter the name of the category and click “ok.”