Installation Instructions:

  • If you do not have the ITUNE app installation file, please click here to find one and download.
  • Once downloaded, double-click the downloaded file to start the installation.
  • If a windows prompt pops, click on the “Yes” button to confirm the installation.
  • The next prompt details the user terms and conditions. Click the “Install” button to start the installation.
  • Let the installation process run. The software will automatically launch upon a successfully finished installation.

Upgrade Instructions:

  • In order to enjoy the complete features set of ITUNE apps, you must register the software through the software, by clicking on "Register".
  • After you have successfully registered the software, an email will be sent to you containing the activation code, a string consisting of 4 sets of 6 characters (for example: xxxxxx-xxxxxx-xxxxxx-xxxxxx)
  • Highlight the activation code with your mouse, and "Copy" it.
  • Open an ITUNE app, and click on the Register button again.
  • An activation screen will prompt you for th activation code, as shown below.
  • Place your cursor in the activation box, and click "Paste".
  • Click the Register Now button, and your ITUNE app Premium version is fully active!
  • If you did not receive the confirmation e-mail, you can contact our support team at the support link on the left with the order number/reference number of the program; we will send you the registration details again.

How do I uninstall (remove) an ITUNE app from my computer?
In the unlikely event you wish to remove our application, you can easily uninstall just as you would any other software on your computer:


  1. Click Start in the lower left corner of your screen
  2. From the Programs menu, select your ITUNE app
  3. Select Uninstall.
  4. Follow the on-screen prompts until finished.


  1. Click Start at the lower left corner of your screen
  2. Click in the “Control Panel” menu button
  3. Choose Programs/Uninstall a Software
  4. Mark your ITUNE app under the applications list
  5. Choose Uninstall

User Reviews:

Everything's cleaned with a single click!! This is by far the easiest and most convenient service I came across... Why pay a technician to do this when I can do this in 2,3 clicks myself?! Thanks!
Mary K. WylerPasadena, USA
User Rated:
14 out of 223 comments
3 clicks process from installation to a cleaned PC! I was just about to give up and buy a new computer when I came across your service. I purchased 2 of your apps, and thats really all I needed...Thanks!
Jean Luc Baptiste Paris, France
User Rated:
26 out of 45 comments

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